Saturday, February 7, 2009

Lulled in to believing spring is on its way

The last couple of days here have been WONDERFUL.

Above zero. Above FREEZING! Snow is melting! Ground has been revealed!

Of course, I know and understand that it is only February -- early February at that.

But still: Hope SPRINGs eternal, or something like that.


The other way I know that spring is coming is because Tri U Mah is tomorrow. First tri of 2009.

I also started training for Fargo 1/2 last Thursday. My running buddies and I are working with a new training group this time around -- Running Room.

There were about 32 runners at the kickoff last Thursday. We broke down in to several pace groups, the last one being 12+ minute miles.

This is a far, far cry from my last training group, where having them recognize a pace group of 10 minutes/mile was a really big deal.

My friend Cheryl and I started with the 10:30 group -- sounds slow, but I was very happy in that group considering I've been lallygagging since Thanksgiving.

It was great to be back out and running with a purpose.

Put a little spring in my step...


WADDLER26.2 said...

Exciting to train with a group. Enjoy it!

Sunshine said...

Wow! sounds like training for real people! And you are off and running. I am so impressed.

Ah chocolate covered peanuts. It's chocolate coverd malted milk balls that were a special treat my Mom liked... and bought for me, too.
I think it takes determination and time to cultivate a preference for Dove dark chocolate and organic nuts. Maybe healthier?

Good luck on the training. Hear me cheering!


You're definitely right. Spring is JUST around the corner!!

Nat said...

SPRING IS HERE DANG IT. If you believe it, it will come....right??!! Congrats on a great job today. So glad to see you and your hubby. You both are such great people.

Dori said...

I was under the impression that Running Room had only faster runners, not 12 minute milers. And 10:30 doesn't sound slow to me...

I hope the worst of winter is behind you.