Monday, February 9, 2009

Tri U Mah Rocks

Tri U Mah indoor tri was yesterday.

I participated in the event with my good friends Nat, Marcia, Marty, Heather and her husband, and Dave.

It was the 5th year of the event and the 5th year I've participated. The organizers wanted to make a "big deal" out of their anniversary so they profiled the five of us that have done the event every year.

They made a nice poster highlighting us and our comments, which was a nice thing. We were asked to submit a photo, so I sent in one from 2007, which I was fit and trim. Turns out I wasn't the ONLY one that did that. Most of us wanted to highlight the buff I was very pleased with my swim: .984 miles in 30 minutes. That is very, very good for me. Master's class must be helping.

My bike had a couple of bumps: I got on the bike about 30 seconds after start time; hit my stop button at 9:01 on the clock and had to wait for a volunteer to restart my cycle. Ended up with a paltry 6.63 miles -- pretty lousy.

My run was not very spectacular: 2.70 miles in 30 minutes. I decided not to kill myself, but then realized, as I was taking it easy, that I was running 14.30 miles. That was a little TOO easy, so I bumped up the pace a bit.

It is evident that I am out of peak training shape, but that is the whole point of Tri U Mah: a stark reminder to get my rear in gear.

Everyone else did a great job with the event. After we were done, we all went for a very late lunch and to catch up.

All in all a great and fun day.

So 2009 is off to a fine start! One tri down, eight tris to go!


goooooood girl said...
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Dori said...

Great job, Amy! That's a cool poster; I hope they gave you one.

I love the picture with you, Nat, Marty and Marcia. :-)

Tri-ing Fat Man said...

That sounds pretty fun for a beginning of the year practice race.

Nice job.

Steve Stenzel said...

Nice job on your first tri of 09!!! And that's some great swim!!!! Congrats!!