Sunday, February 22, 2009

TAG: I'm It...

Nat tagged me to answer some questions.  

It is not 25 random things, just 5 short, simple questions.

So here it goes:

1.  If you could travel to any time/ place in history, when/where would you go?

Probably the 40's -- around and after WWII, here in the U.S.  Women were gaining more "independence", the U.S. was pretty exciting.  I would either like to have lived in a big city like Chicago or New York OR, I would have liked to have lived in Milwaukee and have been friends with my parents.  It would have been very interesting to know them when they were young adults. 

2.  What is your biggest dream for 2009?

Honestly, my biggest dream is that this economic nightmare would stop.  It would be great if the economy would get back on track so people could get back to work and 401k/investment balances would be restored to pre-recession levels.   I'd love to see infrastructure spending and Green Technology lead the way.

Personally, my biggest dream is my same dream as always:  that all my friends and loved ones (including me) are happy, healthy and live to see another year.  (OH!  and many be one golf score for me this year under 100!)

3.  Which do you like best:  Swim, Bike or Run?

Varies from year to year.   A couple years ago, it was running.   Now, I'm really in to swimming.  Probably because I've spent more time in the pool.  Running feels "hard" right now; biking has been limited to spin classes.  
I reserve the right to re-answer this question in July after my first 1/2 iron event for the summer...

4.  What is your "go to" song on your iPod when you need a boost?

"Ballad of John and Yoko".  No kidding.

5.  What is your favorite season?

Duh.  Any one with no snow on the ground and temperatures above 70.

Wanna play?  Add a comment that says "Interview Me", and then just post your answers on your blog.


Steve Stenzel said...

I like your #3. And totally agree with #5!

If your interested, we're meeting for Dome Running at the Metrodome tomorrow night at 5 pm (Tues the 23rd)....

Steve Stenzel said...

Oops, I meant Tues the 24th...

Nat said...

Oooh golf. I think you can show me a thing or five hundred on the golf course. I do real well on teeing off. It's the putting I stink at! I always need to bring 598 balls with me when I play. Is that a problem?

Dori said...

Interesting answers. Running continues to feel "hard" for me, too. I keep waiting for it to get easier.