Thursday, February 9, 2006

Baby, It's Cold Outside

After a pretty mild December and early January we, living here in the winter-wonderland known as Minnesota, are back in the freezing zone.

Just in time to start Grandma's Marathon and 1/2 marathon training! Yee ha!

Our training starts on Saturday. The program will be 18-weeks for the marathoners. I'm going to attempt to get in to the 1/2 again this year, so I'm going to have to wait to see if my name is chosen in the lottery. I'll start running with the marathoners this week and then spin off in to the 1/2 marathon class when it starts.

This always seems to happen -- the first few weeks (or months) seem to be cold and snowy, but the days do get longer, the lakes do unfreeze and the temps do rise, so I shouldn't be so dismayed.

I guess I'm just getting sick of winter. It wouldn't be so bad if the temps would be in the 30s on a consistent basis. Much colder than that is pretty yucky and we can get VERY yucky.

I have been more diligent about some cross training since I got back from Las Vegas. I've been swimming; lifting weights again and last night ran the treadmill.

Hubby and I (along with a couple of friends) will be doing an indoor triathlon this Sunday. We swim, bike and run for 30 minutes each, with 10 minutes of transition between the events.

It will be hubby's first tri -- I'm very proud of him. I know that he is pretty much just doing this for me, which I appreciate.

I did this event as my first tri last year and loved it. It opened the door for me doing three others last year. I've got my eye on several for this year, including the Olympic distance event of the Lifetime Fitness tri this July.

I'm eating better too -- no pound bags of M & Ms hidden in any drawers -- but still am hungry most of the time. At lesat I'm making more reasonable choices.

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