Sunday, February 26, 2006



"I got a cold in the head...." I've been fighting one for a couple of weeks. Hubby was sick before the indoor tri and I've been wrestling germs ever since. This one sprouted up on Friday. It isn't TERRIBLE terrible, just plugging up my nose a bit and rattling around in my lungs.

The cold did not hlep my motivation when I woke up on Saturday morning to run with my group. I was stuffed up and the temp was only about 4 degrees. I knew that the day was supposed to warm up a bit (reaching some where in the 20's), so I went back to bed and ultimately got some additional rest.

I did go out Saturday afternoon, when it was sunny and in the high 20's. I ran Lake Calhoun and Lake Harriet. My lung capacity was not great, but I did the miles. My body wasn't tired -- meaning my legs and arms were functioning just fine. It was my breathing and my mental side that were my enemies.

Still, all in all, it was beautiful out. The sun was warm (when I was out of the wind); lots of people out, so there was plenty to watch. I was glad I got out.

I bought a new pair of Asics Gel Kayano (sp?) Saturday afternoon. My old ones have no more arch support. I usually alternate a couple of pair (currently old Kayano and Saucony Hurricanes). My Hurricane's are holding up okay, although my guess is they will have to be replaced in about eight weeks.

The registration form for Grandma's 1/2 marathon came in the mail on Thursday and I got it back in the mail that afternoon. I should know this week whether or not my entry was drawn in the lottery. That event is about 17 weeks away -- my big tri is 20 weeks away. Most of my training efforts will be focused on the tri. I'm confident about the running side -- as long as I keep running with the club a few nights a week and get a long run in on Saturday, I should be able to cover the 13.1 miles pretty well.

I'm much more concerened about the 0.9 mile swim and the bike ride of the tri event. I found a couple good training plans and will figure out which one to follow. They range from 8 weeks to 10 weeks, so I have a little time to work out the details. Pretty exciting, though!

I go to San Francisco tomorrow for a two-day business trip. I'll bring my running stuff and get out Tuesday morning before my meetings. That is one of the great things about running -- you can do it pretty much anywhere. I've had great runs in San Juan, Puerto Rico, New York City, Las Vegas, Chicago, Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Bismarck and Rapid City, North Dakota; Door County, Wisconsin, etc.

I hope to be able to post while I'm gone -- otherwise, I'll share my adventures when I get back home.

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Dori said...

Wow, I'll have to check with you before I go on my next trip so I'll know what running route to take. Hope your cold gets better--soon. Take something before you fly so that you don't have a lot of pressure build up in your ears. I'm looking forward to reading about your San Francisco run.