Sunday, July 27, 2008

"4" and "2" -- hours EACH

This was a big weekend for training activities. Pigman is only 20 days it is PEAK training time.

My coach, Greg, scheduled a four-hour bike ride on both Nat's and my calendar for Saturday. We met at my house at 6:45 am yesterday and took off on the trails. We rode routes between Minneapolis and St. Paul for two-hours and then hooked up with our friends Marcia, Marty and Gary at Lake Nokomis.

They were also doing a ride, so we figured "the more, the merrier". We all rode together for about 50 minutes, and then Nat and I turned around to head back to my house.

The ride was actually not too bad. We both determined that we did not bring enough to eat, though. My two fat free Fig Newtons just didn't cut it.

We covered about 50 miles over the 4-hour ride. We stopped a couple of times for traffic lights; once because I fell. At a stoplight.... Not moving..... Just clipped in to my pedal on one side and did the classic BOOM and went over. Hurt my pride more than my hip, which landed squarely on the curb....

We both were hungry and tired after the ride, but it was a confidence builder. We both now think that 56 miles is attainable. Hurrah for us.

Greg, who is also Nat's coach for Pigman, is trying to work with both of us on the "nutrition during the event" thing. It is a delicate balance that we haven't quite mastered.

I also have been experimenting a little with hydration options. I really like Gatorade Endurance Formula. It has a little extra sodium and because I sweat so much when it is hot, I think this is helpful.

I used to be able to buy GEF in liquid form at a local grocery store. But, it must not have been a big seller, because it is no longer offered. Instead, there are shelves and shelves of the "new" Tiger formula. (Named for you-know-who, the Golfer...). That formula also has some extra sodium, but not the same as GEF.

I finally broke down and bought the giant TUB of GEF powder. I found it at a local running store. This works out well for me, because I can mix the formula's strength to my taste a little easier.

But why leave well enough alone?

I had read about Accelerade and found that Target carries it. I picked up a couple of bottles and have used it, but don't like it at all. It has a milky taste to it that I don't care for. Rule out Accelerade.

I had received two bottles of ABB Carbo Force at an event earlier this year. Finally tired those out and they were okay.

I think I'm going to just stick with GEF -- tired and true.


Today's plan called for a 2-hour run. It was very hot and very humid outside. Typical August weather for us, but since the summer has been so unusual, I'm not totally acclimated to the humidity.

Generally, I don't mind the humidity -- it does take a little bit of time (like, oh let's say, the month of June...) to get used to it.

I left the house and felt very good for about 75 minutes of the run. At 1:15, I started to lose steam. At 1:33, there was no gas in the tank (see "nutrition" comments above). At 1:53 of the run, I was D O N E.

It took every ting I had to just talk myself through running those last eight minutes.

Finally, they ticked away and I was done. Hurrah for me.


chedet said...


Vickie said...

Amy, it sounds like your training is coming along. So much to learn!

Tri to Be Funny said...

None of us will ever get the nutrition perfect. Hell, that's part of the reason we keep coming back for more. Even elite triathletes bonk!! On the bike, I've had good luck with Hammer's Perpetuum powder. Of course, we're all different, but I've loved using that because it's mild on my stomach. I supplement with salt tabs each hour. Good LUCK!!

Steve Stenzel said...

Way to gut out that nasty 2 hour run! I hate this stickiness!!!

Michelle said...

So many accomplishments. Great job on the 50 mile ride. And I agree, 2 FF Fig Newton's ain't gonna cut it. Have you tried shot blox? I like 'em. I need to consider sports drinks, right now I just drink water but I know I'm missing out.

Bigger congrats on pushing through on your run. You really had to dig deep and you did!

Sunshine said...

Falling while not moving.. is one of my tricks.
Great inspiring training!
Figuring out race food seems like on on-going journey. Thanks for info on yours.
Continuing best wishes.

WADDLER26.2 said...

Great job on the ride and run.

Nutrition is such an improtant part but everyone is so different. My friends had severe leg cramps due to not getting it right.

Marcia Lee said...

Way to go Amy-girl! You're soooo ready for the pig tri!

Oink! Oink!