Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Victorious and EWWWWW!

I am victorious!

I did send in an inquiry to the Timing Folks about my swim time at Rochester. The record had me taking 6 minutes longer than my watch recorded, which I thought was odd...

Here is their reply:

"You were listed as going off in the 4th wave. I have switched you to the 6th wave, which will show up in your results on the next upload."

Yippee! I took less than 40 minutes to complete the swim (39:53, NOT 45:39).

My finish time also gets dropped by six-minutes, putting me at 3:42:06 -- less than two minutes off from last years LiftTime Fitness tri.


On a second note: check out the really gross photo of Nat's toe! EWWWWW!


Michelle said...

Awesome! How cool that you followed up and found out what you knew all along, you were faster than they said! That's cool. Congrats again!!

Nat said...

You rock! You're going to do great at Lifetime!

Dori said...

Congratulations and way to go on besting your 07 LTF time. And in strong wind!

Sunshine said...

You commented on the "new age group" thing.. Hard to think of getting older.. especially for women.. maybe..
When I was 30 I sure didn't think I would be looking forward to being this old (shudder), let alone admitting it. But since nobody can stop clock.. or calendar.. My chosen alternative is to train .. and do all good health things.. and, well... live forever??!!