Monday, July 21, 2008

Gorby Home; Back to Training

Gorby came home on Saturday -- one day after surgery.

He was doing so well postoperatively (vitals were good; he was eating and drinking) that they let him come home.

It is great to have him back in the house. He is moving slowly, but doing all the right cat stuff -- eating, drinking, using the box and, best of all, purring.

I'll have a full biopsy report in about a week. I am not expecting any miracles.

I will talk to the oncologist about what to expect. My current plans are to spoil that cat as best as I can.

Thanks to you all who posted thoughtful comments. I know he is just a cat, but he is my cat and he means a lot to me.


Back to training --

I did a brick workout on Saturday with my good friends Marcia and Gary. We swam at Lake Nokomis for about 25 minutes and then went on a 25 mile bike ride.

Gary is an avid cyclist and lead us on a great route that went through Minneapolis, St. Paul and some of the near by suburbs. We rode on beautiful trails, near the Mississippi River and through some great parks.

My training plan scheduled for Sunday was a 3-hour bike ride. I liked the route Gary showed us so much that I pretty much repeated it, adding some additional miles to get to 3-hours. According to, I went just about 35 miles.

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My only problem yesterday was a crash that happened on one of the bridges over the river.

I went riding later in the day, when the weekend warriors were out. Many families were taking advantage of the nice day. I was on a bridge heading back in to Minneapolis from Mendota Heights and there was a dad riding with a daughter going the opposite way. Behind him was his son (about 8 years old), who's attention was on the river, not the path.

He was veering over to the middle of the path and I had no where to go. He didn't hear me call out to him, "Heads UP!"

His handlebars clipped my handlebars and we both went flying down.

Fortunately, neither of us was hurt (no blood), but his hand hurt and my hip is tender today.

The boy apologized profusely -- I did too. The dad was not mad (hurrah) and we all survived.

Made me very leery of bridges for the rest of my ride, though.


The next couple of weeks will be filled with lots of intense workouts. I'm okay with that. It will help me keep my mind off of other things.


Michelle said...

Glad Gorby is home. Spoil him rotten!

Ouch, that fall sounds like no fun. But you sure are kicking butt on your training. Rock on!

Nat said...

Glad he is home again. Tuna all around.

Marcia L said...

Way to go, Gorby! Lots of TLC at your house!

I had a great time swimming and biking on Saturday. Enjoyed the route as well.

Anonymous said...

AmyBee...I found your blog on Michelle's blog. She's great isn't she!!

I too am a cat lover who had a very difficult decision to make about my beloved baby in September. I hope that he recovers quickly.

I like reading about your training and races! You're amazing. I'll be back.